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June, 2008

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After spending three years helping to build and ship the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), I have shifted focus from the component / framework side of things and moved to an actual product team.  I am working on the next version of Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007.  However, my experience with WCF will not be in vain as I can utilize this space as an outlet for discussions and investigations into the world of web services.  Will you join me?

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    Celebrate good times, come on...

    This week the Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" product team celebrated the shipping of Beta 3 and shared in the positive reception of our product at TechEd 2008 in Orlando. Unfortunately, for the readers of my blog, this celebration occurred during...
  • Mark Gabarra's Blog

    Dust off the keyboard, I am open for business again!

    I am glad to say that the nearly two year silence has come to an end. During this time of silence I have been involved in working on Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" . This is the next version of Microsoft's Identity Lifecycle Manager product...
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