We are starting to promote the Microsoft Inspiration Tour - a national tour of UK universities talking about the latest technologies with a simple aim: Show that we Microsoft has some pretty cool stuff and there are loads of great opportunities for students to get hold of our software and tools.

QUBWe will be covering all the latest technologies including:

  • Silverlight
  • XNA
  • Windows Embedded
  • .NET

And all our programs will get a mention:

  • Imagine Cup
  • Student Newsletter
  • How-do-Microsoft-help-students-get-jobs (hyphenated as we don't have a proper name for it yet)


 The majority of the tour will be delivered by our two student focused evangelists - Ed Dunhill and Ben Coley. Sign up to their blogs to track how the tour progresses. It will be lots of fun for the guys traveling and will bring back memories for me of my first year at Microsoft where I visited in the region of 70 universities on the 100% Inspiration Tour :)

Interested? Well, spaces will fill up fast so please email us if you are a lecturer, or get in touch with your academic mentor as they will need to book the room:


 More information on Microsoft Inspiration Tour at our temporary holding page