June, 2004

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    The Greatest Blog Post Ever

    I was just on a conference call. A dozen right headed minds expressing opinions and laying blame on those not fortunate enough to have the dial-in number. Attempting to multitask, with an emphasis on the non-conference call related activity when, out...
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    The Food is Great, but Sand Keeps Getting in my Mouse

    My job requires more and more conference time, and less and less formal classroom training. I need to sharpen the saw... Get closer to the technology, and remind myself why I'm working here in the first place. Effective immediately, I'm making attending...
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    It's a Small World (Experiment)

    Just finished Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. I won't bore you with another review (check out Amazon for that... <digression> If you could care less about the book but want to read...
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