I was just on a conference call. A dozen right headed minds expressing opinions and laying blame on those not fortunate enough to have the dial-in number. Attempting to multitask, with an emphasis on the non-conference call related activity when, out of nowhere, one of the brighter minds on the call said something worth hearing. It reminded me of an unrelated item... Followed quickly by a combination of ideas never before properly articulated  in the history mankind! But it got even better... A similar idea that lent credence to the first idea. I started writing in my head. Beautiful, smart, acerbic, funny... The perfect blog post!

Then, out of nowhere, the word 'datasheet'... Uh oh... Do I owe anything to anyone that might be blocking the datasheet. Think... Can't recall anything. Better ask what the status of the datasheet is to seem involved. Excellent... Keep up the good work. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Alright, back to the blog... Now what was I going to write about? I remember it had something to do with something... I bet this never happens to Gordon Bell... When is the MyLifeBits beta?