Robert Scoble recently blogged about 'I Love Bees'.

I ran across I Love Bees accidentally on my first visit to Cafe Press; a site just as fascinating and equally as addictive.

A friend sent me a link to buy a t-shirt he had created. I pride myself on the uniqueness of my t-shirt inventory and they're not those Abercrombie t-shirts that look like they came from some real cool, out the way, hole in the wall but every 3rd teenager at the mall has one on. Nope, mine have to be legitimately obscure.

My favorite is from this dive in Fargo ND called 'Smoky's'. It has a picture of Smokey the Bear (sic) with the caption: "I Ate a 52oz Steak at Smoky's". I told the waiter I'd order the steak if he'd give me a t-shirt whether I finished it or not (there's no way I could have). He told me to just order whatever I wanted, slip him 10 bucks and he'd get a shirt for me. So its not completely legitimate, but at least I was there.

So back to the website... I click on my friend's link, and 30 minutes later I'm still shopping. The site is a t-shirt lover's nirvana and an interesting e-commerce concept. Anybody that can upload a graphic file can start a shop selling t-shirts and lunch boxes. Needless to say, there are ALOT of t-shirts, and due to the Law of Large Numbers, some of them are actually worth 17 bucks.

Which brings me back to loving bees... I saw the shirt and had no idea why the hell someone would want an 'I Love Bees' shirt but thought it would definitely be unique enough for my collection.

Later on I started wondering if there was an 'I Love Bees' website and another 45 minutes later I was sufficiently confused enough to be very glad I bought the shirt.