One of the benefits of being raised in Kentucky is that most people assume you're dumber than you actually are. With expectations mis-set, their gradual realization that you know a little bit about something usually goes a long way.

Another perk is that if you live here long enough, you usually learn to appreciate Bourbon... A few facts:

  • A Kentucky minister named Elijah Crowe accidentally invented Bourbon by shipping moonshine to New Orleans in barrels he unintentionally burnt while making the alcohol. By the time the shipment made its way down the Mississippi, the alcohol had acquired an amber color and a smooth taste.
  • 95% of all Bourbon is made in Kentucky (Contrary to popular belief, Bourbon does not have to be made in Kentucky but Kentucky Straight Bourbon does).
  • With it's distinctive red wax dipped bottle and clever advertising, Maker's Mark is the most popular Kentucky Straight Bourbon sold in the world.

So, with a little background, you might appreciate why I clicked on Paul Graham's essay titled Taste for Makers. To my surprise, instead of a post opining the virtues of an alcoholic beverage, I ended up imbibing a brilliant essay on design.

Please consume in moderation.