March, 2013

  • MarkMargolis

    2-way SMS Messages with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

    Recently I had to do a demo of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online for a customer to show how CRM could work with two-way SMS messages.  I needed to demonstrate sending a message to a contact record and show how I could take the SMS reply, automatically...
  • MarkMargolis

    My Convergence 2013 Summary

    Last week my project scoping document proved to be very popular so I’m going to add more articles like this in the future. This week however, I decided to summarise what I felt were the key points from this years Convergence 2013. I will publish...
  • MarkMargolis

    A Sample CRM Project Scoping / Initiation Document

    Over the years I have found that the biggest challenge in any CRM project is not the technology challenge but the people; the human component is the single most important aspect of a CRM project. Project success is often based upon whether an implementation...
  • MarkMargolis

    A Sample Microsoft CRM 2011 Demo Script

    Last December we put together an event here in London, for that event I wrote a demo script which I thought I would share. I hope you find it useful and I’d love to hear any improvements that you have made. It is deliberately generic and I have...
  • MarkMargolis

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Licencing Simplified

    I have to start with a warning: Firstly: The following is a guide only, it is intended to give you only a brief high level understanding of the different models and items you should consider.  I am not a licensing specialist. Please contact your licensing...
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