April, 2013

  • MarkMargolis

    My Top Outlook Features

    With the integration of Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM it is difficult to delineate what is an Outlook feature and what is a CRM feature. A colleague of mine says CRM is not integrated with Outlook it is embedded in Outlook, I think that is a great...
  • MarkMargolis

    CRM in Investment Banking – A summary

    CRM in Investment Banking Last weeks blog about demo tips proved to be very popular, I was given a lot of suggestions so I will be updating this article again soon (from a salesperson perspective). This week’s post is about CRM in Investment Banking...
  • MarkMargolis

    CRM Demo Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

    I have been doing software demonstrations since the day I started working over 13 years ago. Whether that was demo’s to internal stakeholders to provide them with project updates or to clients or prospects I have been learning techniques for improving...
  • MarkMargolis

    CRM Workshop Questions and Requirements Gathering Techniques

    Introduction As a follow on to my CRM Project Scoping post I wanted to provide some examples questions that I use to help me size and get an overall understanding of a CRM project. These discovery questions can help you understand not only the size or...
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