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  • Blog Post: test1 title

    test body
  • Blog Post: UltraNav Scroll Helper

    using System; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; class UltraNavScrollHelper:Component { private Control _hScrollBar; private Control _vScrollBar; private Control _controlSite; private NativeScrollBar _nsb; private NativeWndProcListner _npl;...
  • Blog Post: Full DataGridView scrollbar code

    public class ScrollDataGridView : DataGridView { private const int WM_HSCROLL = 0x0114, WM_VSCROLL = 0x0115; NativeScrollBar nsb; protected override void OnHandleCreated(EventArgs e) { base.OnHandleCreated(e); if (this.Site == null) { this.nsb = new NativeScrollBar(this); } } protected override void...
  • Blog Post: Native Scrollbar Code

    public class NativeScrollBar : NativeWindow { public NativeScrollBar(Control parent) { CreateParams cp = new CreateParams(); // Fill in the CreateParams details. cp.Caption = String.Empty; cp.ClassName = "SCROLLBAR"; // Set the position of the scrollbar so that it is offscreen cp.X = -1000;...
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