I recently started reading and participating on our SBA SDK newsgroup on a regular basis. Before, I only went there from time to time. I'm glad that many customers and developers go there to ask questions and post suggestions, because we really read them and go through them. Recently I found a post about our Business Logic Addins and about how it was a bad experience if we wanted to do a validation because we showed one of the most horrible error messages (with a callstack) to the end user. After looking at this issue, I thought about how to solve this and then I fired an email to other people on the team so we could address this for a future version.

Then, yesterday, I found an interesting post from 'Old Blind Dog' that  wanted to know how to find which kits in your company contained a particular item. A real scenario that our product doesn't have BUT you can do this with our SDK, so I put my work aside for a second and tried to do this using our classes and C# and voila! I got a 20 line sample for doing this. Of course, this doesn't include the connectivity to SBA and all that, I just simply modified one of the existing SDK Samples. Now I just need to post the sample and try to get him to start using our SDK. Anyway, I'll post later the sample, I need to do some other work to meet my deadlines.