Yes, on August 4th, 2003 I went to the New Employee Orientation. I had just finished my bachelors degree from ITESM Campus Monterrey and was moving to start my career at Microsoft. I had been an intern twice, but the first team I interned at didn't exist anymore and the second team I interned with didn't really appeal to me. I wanted to find a smaller team to work in and I found Business Contact Manager for Outlook. I had talked on the phone with the person that was going to be my lead and I didn't know much about the product, except that it was designed for small businesses. In my first week, as part of my ramp up, they ask me to take a look at BCM v.1 in spanish to find grammatical errors (which I did). I spent 2-3 months learning about different grid components in .NET and prototyping different approaches for the BCM report engine. Then, I moved to SBA.

When I got to SBA I was still ramping up on my new job at Microsoft and I wasn't involved in the top level architecture of the product. Rajat Taneja, our GM blogged about what happened in this period here. I got to work on the grid component for SBA (because of my experience with that). I was in the UI Infrastructure team and I joined SBA too late to enjoy a trip to Denmark (as other coworkers did). I'd say that I joined just in time to participate in the genesis of the current architecture used by SBA.

And ever since then, I've been here as a Developer in the SBA team. Some people have come and go. We shipped SBA 2006. I'm working on the next SBA release. I got my first patent cube at Microsoft. I recruited my best friend from college to SBA. And now, I even got a blog.