I am a volunteer to be a job shadow for the DigiGirlz camp that Microsoft organizes every year. It is a wonderful idea and I'm also passionate about getting more women into Computer Science or Engineering. I couldn't find a lot of info about this externally, but there is a recent article that talks about it here.

This is my second time around and this year, they have increased the time that girls have for coming to my office and hear me explain about my job and how I got here. I'm excited because this year they have included girls from different other states and I will have two high school students over. My plan is that I spent half the time doing my job and the other half talking to them and explaining in more detail about what I do as a developer at Microsoft. I got their essay (this is needed to be selected to be a DigiGirl) and a form where they have to answer a couple of questions about the job shadow experience. For one question, they had to rank in order of preference the different jobs at Microsoft, and one of them put Developer position as number 1 and the other as number 4. Cool, so I'll show them about writing code and problem solving!

The other interesting question for me is to also rank their job shadow expectations, and it is important to read this to try to focus on some of the things that they expect. Here are the top 4 things I will try to touch on tomorrow:
- skills needed for the job
- learn more about Microsoft as a workplace
- how much education do they need to get this job
- see how technology is used in my job

This is interesting because the two that I would be more interested are:
- see how the knowledge I am gaining in school is used in the job
- see what people do all day on the job

When I was in highschool little did I know that I would end up in this position and doing what I did. I actually was tired of taking many classes that I never thought I would need (like accounting). I also want to hear about what they have been doing in the camp (I really have no idea about that).