Yes, last week we announced the public beta of Office Accounting 2007, which is pretty cool because we've been working very hard on this version (since before the previous version was on the shelves). The biggest news is the product name change (does that mean I should change the name of my blog?) and I really can't say much about that because I'm a developer and for some reason we don't name products (marketing people do). Our General Manager, Rajat Taneja talks about this on his blog.

To download Office Accounting 2007 beta go here.

The closest thing to a list of what's new in this new version is here.

For developers:

We don't have the Software Development Kit for this version yet, but you can always look into our new API once you install the products. The most insteresting feature is probably our versioning and our Loader interfaces, and once you understand that, you'll be ready to start using the API of the new version. I will try to get into more detail in the future. Send your feedback!