Microsoft tries to lure ‘mom and pop’ companies. Interesting title which I don’t really agree that we want to ‘lure’ but well, it got my attention so I decided to blog about it. First of all, I’m glad that we shipped v 2.0 or our product on time! Second, we just announced about Office Accounting Express 2007 which is a free download, so many small businesses can benefit from this and give it a try. Third, we are using a very cool marketing campaign. Unfortunately I can’t give more details about the campaign because I don’t know anything other than what is at the ideawins website, but you’d have to admit that an electric spinning fork, a caffeinated salad, climate-control socks or fruit favored coffee do sound cool. I probably can’t participate but it’s something I’ll be watching. The FAQ on the site looks to be very good, for anyone that is wondering about our product.


Here are links to the articles talking about Office Accounting 2007 that I could find:



CRN (this is probably the most in-depth article I could find)






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