So what is going on right now? Well, last Monday Oct 30th we shipped Office Accounting 2007 and made express available as a free download. Tuesday I got to see the videos of our launch in Willow Springs, IL. Wednesday we started to think about our next release. We got Monday off and Tuesday we had a small celebration by going to the Parlor Billiards. It was a very nice event; unfortunately there was a raffle but I didn’t get any prize. The rest of the week we are doing customer visits, which is very interesting because not everyone on the product team gets to interact with customers on a daily basis. Unfortunately we only get to visit one customer. I would like to talk to customers that are just starting to use our product, probably they'll have great insight about what we are missing and what we did right.


So what happens next? Well, there are a lot of things I am planning to blog about. Another developer from our team, Jesper, started blogging about the Loader (you can read his blog here). I’m doing a brownbag next week about blogging to our team, so hopefully we’ll get more bloggers about Office Accounting, especially PMs that are underrepresented in this space. Other than that, it is an interesting time when we have time to innovate for our next release.