Why I Love My Zune

Why I Love My Zune

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Zune had some exciting news a couple of weeks ago when they announced new three new digital media players: a 4GB, an 8GB and an 80GB to complement the existing 30GB.  I picked up the 30GB model over the summer, and it's been a lot of fun. 


Top Five Favorite Features:

  • Zapping music - I love that I can wirelessly share music with my friends.  It sends the whole version of a song which they can listen to for free for three days.  One of my friends in Seattle tried to send a cute song to a guy at the gym on Valentine's Day once!  Based on her experience though, I'm not sure I can recommend it... :)  I can also send photos to friends from my Zune as well. 
  • Zune Marketplace - I'll be totally honest.  I did not expect to buy much music from Zune online.  First of all, I love going into CD stores, so I usually buy my music there.  Second of all, I had a feeling they wouldn't have the newest music, that they'd only have top 40s type of music and not the smaller bands or indie bands or other groups I like.  But yesterday I downloaded the new Beirut album, the new Nellie McKay, and a re-released old Metric album.  I was fairly impressed.  I also love that they give away a fair amount of free music as well, so I can try out new artists and songs.
  • The Zune Application - The last two mp3 players I had were iRivers, and I thought they were great.  However the first version, a 256mb flash device, had the SLOWEST sync interface.  In fact, I rarely changed songs on it because it was so painful.  The next version used Windows Media Player 10 to manage synching music.  It was leagues better than the other's third party application, but still a bit clunky.  I never figured out how to get my playlists synched back and forth.
  • FM Tuner - so simple to put in, I don't know why there are music players without them, but I love having it on there.  In the United States, a lot of gyms would broadcast the audio from tv shows and videos over an FM channel, so I couldn't buy an mp3 player without one.
  • Free new firmware and software upgrades! - I just got my device this summer, so I thought I would miss out on all the exciting new announcements.  But no - the rest of us are getting the updates as well, so I get to enjoy all the new stuff too.

Of course like everything, it's not perfect.  I know they're still working on getting the international versions out.  And while they do have a lot of music, they don't have everything I go to look for.  But I've been quite happy with my Zune so far.  I'm definitely looking forward to the November updates as well as the launch of the new "Zune Social" site.


UPDATED: Refurbished Zunes are on woot today (15/10/2007) for $99.99!  Cool!

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  • So you're restricted on the music you can load on it?

  • But how, exactly are you supposed to wirelessly share music with your friends when exactly zero of your friends have a Zune?

  • Hi Michele,

    No you're not - sorry if I came across that way.  You're not restricted on the music you can load on the Zune.  I have stuff on mine from my CD collection at home, stuff I've bought online from various sites along with stuff I've bought from Zune marketplace.  

    What I meant was that if you want the convenience of using the Zune Marketplace, sometimes they don't have all the music you want.  Hope that answers your question.


  • Hi Matt,

    Well...maybe none of *your* friends have Zunes... ;)  The way I see it is that my music collection is so amazing that my friends that don't have Zunes will probably want to go buy them just so I can zap them some tunes...but maybe that's just me being full of myself. :)


    p.s. I love lolhorse - great idea!!

  • someone please help I can not get my music from the media player on zune what am I doing wrong

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