XNA Tour Coming to Ireland!

XNA Tour Coming to Ireland!

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This is awesome news!  On Monday, November 26th, Trinity College in Dublin will host an XNA event for students and professionals.  Speaking at the conference will be none other than Dave Mitchell from the XNA team in Redmond.  Other speakers are still being lined up, but it looks like there will be some industry speakers as well as academic speakers, so it looks to be a really interesting day.

The event will preview the upcoming XNA Games Studio Express 2.0 as well as cover various areas of game development, including modeling, animation, design, storytelling and of course, optimizing for the XBox 360! 

Details are still in the works, so stay tuned, but mark November 26th off on your calendar to be at Trinity College to hear about the latest and greatest from XNA  Games Studio Express 2.0!

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