Hello to Windows Live Events

Hello to Windows Live Events

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Windows Live Events was launched on Friday.image  What is Windows Live Events?  It's basically a way to create events, invite people and share information related to the event (e.g. photos).

I used the service to create an invitation for some friends.  I liked the customizability, the ability to create a particular web address for the evenimaget and the map feature (especially good for people like me who are new to a place!).  One thing I love about upcoming.org, a site I use a lot to keep track of events, is how they remember venues and  locations.  So while it's cool to be able to type in & find your own venue (as in when it's "my apartment" or something), I also like when they let you reuse popular venues and not have to fill in the contact info, map details, website, etc.

Windows Live Events has all the expected bells and whistles.  I can customize the event, add a theme, add the event to a variety of calendars including Apple iCal, Yahoo! and Google, blog about the event, share photos, etc.  I can also do other cool things like subscribe to the responses via RSS, upload videos and host a discussion for something like food venue. My event is hosted here (http://movienightoct07.events.live.com/default.aspx), so if you're interested in seeing Windows Live Events, feel free to have a look around the page and check out the new features!


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