Top Ten SL Apps Updated

Top Ten SL Apps Updated

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I added five new apps this week to my Top Ten Silverlight Sites: 

  1. Farseer 2D Physics Engine - Farseer built a series of seven demos, each one shows a different set of bodies interacting.  The individual demos have descriptions plus keyboard & mouse interaction information.  Their Physics Engine was designed for both XNA and Silverlight, and more information on it is on CodePlex:
  2. Gazoolians - Beware, kind of addictive!  Gazoolians is a game where you control a region and are in charge of managing your resources, attacking other regions, planting crops, building infrastructure, and more.  It takes a few minutes to figure out how to get going, but once you do it's actually pretty fun.
  3. Kit3D: 3D Graphics Engine for Silverlight - Okay this is very cool.  Mark Dawson has written a 3D graphics engine written in Javascript.  The page shows spinning cubes of photos, playing cards with texture mapped faces, and a couple of other samples.  This code is also on CodePlex:
  4. Presidential Election 2008 - I know I had an election site on here last week, but I liked this one so much I added this one.  It's an Election Countdown with things like candidate blog posts, campaign trail maps, nomination percents.  The only thing this app could use is representation from third party candidates, as everyone here is Republican or Democrat.
  5. Silverlight Photo Carousel - This app not only showcases a carousel control in Silverlight, but also a FlickrService component to fetch photos.  So add a search term, such as "lolcat",  in the textbox & click "Search."  You'll see a carousel of images pulled from Flickr which are tagged with your search term. 

Check them out, let me know what you think.  And be sure to contact me if you have or know of someone with a cool Silverlight application.

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