As I was on holidays, I didn't update the Top Ten Silverlight Apps last week.  And it's a shame too because last week the site updated their "Showcase" feature.  If you haven't seen the Silverlight Showcase, now you definitely have a good reason to check it out.  It hosts the latest and greatest applications built all over the world which use Silverlight to create gorgeous and cool new applications.  It has a few additional features this time around as well, including sort / filter by category, date or region.  Click the cloud icon to see a keyword cloud you can use to filter.  If you click on an application, it will show you a preview window of the app allowing you to launch and rate it.

So of the new applications on there, I've chosen the following to update my list:

Quiksilver Pro France Player - Okay I admit I was a sucker for this one.  I just learned how to surf this summer in Ireland and fell in love with it.  This site has a great gallery section of one-on-one surfer videos from the Pro France competition.  The video player is especially slick, and it incorporates nice, subtle controls for voting, volume, fullscreen, and media navigation as well as a blog link.  The scores from all the rounds are hosted in a nice waterfall-like control.  Those at the event might like to submit their own media as well, and there is a link to do so for both videos and photos.  Lastly I liked the incorporation of Windows Live Messenger in the application.  You can launch an application to share and discuss with friends who are also logged in to Messenger.

Carbon Calculator - I really like this idea and could easily see it being developed even more.  This application allows you to take several areas of your life and calculate what kind of carbon footprint you're making.  So you can see what your choices in air travel, diet, home and auto have on the environment.  There is an image library at the bottom for you to check out animals and areas which feel the damage.  By exploring the country section which uses Virtual Earth, you can also find lovely videos as well.

The Hip Hop Dance - Hilarious combination of dance dance revolution and aerobics video.  I even heard her say, "Jazz hands."  The site features a skinnable UI with short instructional dance videos led by Jenna, a wire-frame model who reminds you to throw her some attitude.  There is a "Hub Talk" section as well so when you're taking a break from dancing, you can chat with other dance students about the tough moves.  I can't wait for the breakdance version, complete with cardboard squares! 

If you use the filter by country/region, you'll notice that there aren't any Irish submissions yet.  Now is your chance!!  If you have a Silverlight application you'd like to submit, let me know!!  It would be great to have one of our own hosted there to represent Ireland.