image Thanks to everyone who came along to Odessa tonight.  They did a superb job setting up a cool venue for us to watch the videos.  I definitely enjoyed watching the Silverlight demos again as well as Guy Kawasaki grill Steve Ballmer.

For those who couldn't make it, I promised I'd post links so here you go.  All the links I am posting will take you to a page where you can either download the video (several formats available) or stream over any of three connection speeds.

Ray Ozzie / Scott Guthrie Keynote: 

- Highlights include top 8 new features of IE 8 Beta 1, Silverlight 2 Beta 1, & WPF performance improvements

Steve Ballmer / Guy Kawasaki Interview: 

- Highlights include Guy asking Steve why Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo!, Steve shouting about "Web Developers" and Guy asking other interesting questions about "The G Word" and Apple.

Application - specific demo videos: