Ever been to an OpenCoffee event?  Went a while back but haven’t gone in a few months?  Have no idea what I’m talking about?image

OpenCoffee is an informal get-together which happens all around Ireland.  The people that arrive to chat are from all different areas including web developers, designers, start-ups, software developers, photographers, venture capitalists, students and hobbyists.  In Dublin, we meet every other Thursday from around 9-ish to 12-ish at The Morrison Hotel.  You can find out more information here on the blog: http://www.opencoffeedublin.com/ 

Here’s where I need your help.  Lately we’ve been trying to do some cool and interesting things with OpenCoffee Dublin, like live conference with folks at home or work as well as with other OpenCoffees in Ireland, show off some new designs, and even do a bit of demos and informal talks to bounce ideas off of people.  It’s been really fun. 

However we are in need of a new venue for a variety of reasons.  Basically what we need is:

  • Solid and free wi-fi
  • Great coffee
  • Plenty of comfortable room
  • A place that is not too loud so we can hear each other
  • Electrical outlets for laptops and things (preferably not right next to the espresso machine)

Do you have any ideas?  We’re really interested in ideas and feedback.  Please pop over to this blog entry and leave some comments: http://www.opencoffeedublin.com/new-venue-for-opencoffee-dublin/.  We’ll send some scouts out to check out venues and at the June 26th OpenCoffee we will try a new locale.

Thanks for your help.