Manic Miner!

Manic Miner!

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The great guys over at the NxtGen User Group in the UK have written a fun Silverlight version of the classic game “Manic Miner” which you can check out on their site here:  What is really cool about the game is that it was built using a custom engine which supports both XNA and Silverlight! 

There is an article with more information about the game and its two developers on the NxtGenUG site: 

It’s really fun – don’t forget to register on the site so that you can save your high scores (I’m not registering until I get better, as I’m pretty bad at it so far, see below)!  Nice work Richard & Pete!


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  • How come you folks didn't use Popfly Game creator for this? Seems like an easy tie in, no?

  • Re: Popfly - I've not looked at popfly game creator, but the Original Manic Miner has 'many quirks', making the engine very specific for the game.

    I'll have to check popfly game creater out though...


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