New Irish Silverlight Showcase App - Zignals

New Irish Silverlight Showcase App - Zignals

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Have you heard of Zignals yet?

If you have, I’m not surprised given the great visibility and publicity they’ve received for their unique, innovative application and beautiful set of controls, all done in Silverlight.  They also do a great job informing customers through their actively updated blog and recently started sending updates via Twitter as well.

If you haven’t heard about Zignals, you need to check out their site here:  Their tagline is “Transforming Investing” and that’s a very accurate description of what their application does.  Zignals provides tools and customized services for investors to democratize online trading.  Users can log on to create their own easy-to-use alerts, build custom charts using the intuitive charting application, and do deep technical analysis on their stocks and portfolios.

In short, Zignals levels the playing field for investors, giving them the tools and knowledge they need.

Recently Zignals upgraded their application to Silverlight 2 Beta 2, and yesterday it was added to the prestigious Showcase – the platform for showing off brand new, shiny Silverlight applications.

When you go to, you can create an account to test out the charting and alert functionality.  In the screenshot below, I selected Microsoft, and then adjusted the time range to show me a particular few months. Then I used the Magnifier control to zoom to get a closer look at the rise and fall.


Cooler still, however, are the Indicators, Trend Lines and other functions you can overlay on your stock to help you with your analysis, research and predictions.

image There’s a lot more functionality there than I can show here, so I urge you to check it out for yourself.

With alerts, you have a lot of options around alert conditions, advanced alerts, historical tests and more: image You can also customize how you want alerts delivered:









There are also step-by-step instructions for the various functions, so it’s pretty easy to follow along if you’re not yet an expert investor.

Zignals blog:

Follow Zignals on Twitter:

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