Cool Tip with New Windows Live Beta + Photosynth

Cool Tip with New Windows Live Beta + Photosynth

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I created a ton of Photosynths yesterday and I forgot to mention a neat tip I discovered.  I previously haven’t been that familiar with Windows Live Photo Gallery.  I fired up the new Photo Gallery Beta to navigate through my pictures of the Artbots and noticed a new menu in the gallery called “Extras.”


The first option in “Extras” (provided you have installed Photosynth) is “Create a Photosynth.”  So you can simply navigate through your photo collections, select groups of photos inside Photo Gallery & create your Synth from there.  Nifty trick.

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  • Glad you like this. Thanks for using the beta, Martha! ;)

  • Hi Michael,

    Thank YOU - the beta has been great so far.  Thanks for dropping by!


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