The social experience on the internet is increasingly vital in our life. The internet users rely on SNS in talking to friends, finding news or looking for nice restaurants. They also generate contents such as tweet, wall, video or comments to blogs etc. Those personal data will be a foundation of more meaningful collections such as online identity, knowledge base, search/ recommendation engines and so on.


  Besides, there are a number of interesting things going on in the social space including…


-        Online reputation is becoming important (used in hiring, booking airplane etc.)

-        Curators are instrumental in finding out relevant contents

-        Social media is more trusted than traditional news source. It’s timely and accurate

-        User community is becoming the foundation of many things (crowd sourcing/funding etc.)

-        Search engines reached the limit of its ability to handle personal data


    Given those facts, there is a good opportunity for us to renovate the old social media by starting a new service that directly retrieves personal data from different sources and gives users a sophisticated social experience based on that. This service makes the advertisements and online services much more relevant to individual users than the keyword search.

Online identity and surrounding applications

    The identity is not just username but is composed of a number of things. You are what you read, what you eat, what you purchase, everything you do in daily life. This platform service provides users with a central repository of personal data where they have full control and represents their online identity through rich user interface that looks exactly like you living in the cyber space. It also provides a number of applications that take advantage of the online identity.


Figure 1. Online identity and surrounding applications


   This platform service crawls social media and other providers to retrieve users’ online activities such as “Like”, tweets, writing blogs,  watching movies, uploading videos, reading books or purchasing goods at shopping sites. These activities are automatically logged to central repository where users have full control. Users can also save arbitrary offline activity on your mobile devices as text, photo, voice or movie format then synchronize them with the central repository later on.  All activities are tagged with situational information like location, time, and ID by the platform service. User can add ratings and comments on it. Only the activity you’ve chosen to expose will be syndicated to members in your network. 

    Eventually a collection of these activities forms his/her lifestyle. For example a person who cares seriously about global warming may purchase a hybrid car, rides a bicycle for commute, chooses consumer electronics based on the amount of carbon it emits etc.  Single piece of these activities doesn’t mean anything so much. However collectively they represent his/her lifestyle. Users can also view and learn other’s lifestyle and then put tags, comments, ratings and links on to those online identities. Top ranked user can get much attention with revenue from affiliates which motivate them to expose more.  This service also recommends users likeminded people based on the proximity of your taste and others.




  Based on the online identity, this service provides users with 6 different applications depicted as green boxes in figure 1 . External service can also take advantage of this platform and offer personalized services that meet to individual users’ interest. In the next couple of posts, I’ll describe those applications. Stay tuned.