Microsoft patterns & practices team recently released a new guidance Developing Big Data Solutions on Microsoft Azure HDInsight. It contains three type of content targeting to different audience.

  • Section 1:Understanding Microsoft big data solutions,” provides an overview of the principles and benefits of big data solutions, and the differences between these and the more traditional database systems. It includes general guidance for planning and designing big data solutions by exploring in more depth topics such as defining the goals, locating data sources, and more. It will help you decide where, when, and how you might benefit from adopting a big data solution. This section also discusses Azure HDInsight, and its place within the comprehensive Microsoft data platform.
  • Section 2:Designing big data solutions using HDInsight,” contains guidance for designing solutions to meet the typical batch processing use cases inherent in big data processing. Even if you choose not to use HDInsight as the platform for your own solution, you will find the information in this section useful.
  • Section 3:Implementing big data solutions using HDInsight,” explores a range of topics such as the options and techniques for loading data into an HDInsight cluster, the tools you can use in HDInsight to process data in a cluster, and the ways you can transfer the results from HDInsight into analytical and visualization tools to generate reports and charts, or export the results into existing data stores such as databases, data warehouses, and enterprise BI systems. This section also contains useful information to help you automate all or part of the process, and to manage and monitor your solutions.


Understand, Design, Implement


Many thanks to those who helped us bring this guidance to life!!