Last Updated: 03/03/2013

As of now (22nd January 2013 11:45 AM Pacific Time Zone)   Updated management portal with Windows Azure Customer Support Offerings is live and is being rolled out to different regions. 

Purchase and Offering Details

Here are two ways you can reach Support Ticket Creation Option: 

Option 1:

  1.  Log in to Azure Management Portal
  2. Click on the top right of the webpage, where is shows your subscription detail. [White Space -  In this example ]


  1. Here is a screenshot of Azure Support Ticket



Option 2: 

  1. Log in to Azure Management Portal
  2. Click on the top left of the webpage, where is [ v ] . It will bring relevant option. Click on Support


    3.  You will be routed to below screenshot.  Click on Get Support

4. Here is a screenshot of Azure Support Ticket 

 Now, once you have reached Contact Microsoft Support:

1. Chose relevant subscription under which you are facing issue.

2. Chose Support Type:  Billing or Technical


3. Then Country and Language as applicable.

NOTE : Currently Support is being offered in following languages where English Support is 24x7 and rest are being offered as Business Hour only  in Primary Locale for both Technical and Billing Support

4. Press Create Ticket.

  • Once you press Create Ticket , you will be asked to fill some relevant information  based on your requirement and press Continue

  •  Verify your Contact Information on next page and Press continue.
  • You will Reach Page "Describe Your Problem"  . Fill appropriately and Press Submit.


 Here is your confirmation.



Someone will contact you shortly based on Service Level Agreement.


Abhishek Anand  
Senior Support Escalation Engineer    
Windows Azure Technical Support