If you’re writing a Metro style app for Windows 8, here’s how you can share it with another developer.  Note that both the source and destination machines need a valid development license.  Verify this with the PowerShell cmdlet Get-WindowsDeveloperLicense.

In Visual Studio, choose Create App Package under the Store menu:

VS11 Create App Package


Select Create a package to use locally only:

VS11 Create App Package Wizard


Make note of where the package will be saved, and then click Create:

VS11 Create App Package location


Navigate to the package location, right-click on your package’s folder, and select Send to –> Compressed (zipped) folder.  You don’t need the .APPXUPLOAD file.

Make zip from app package


Mail the zipfile to another developer, or otherwise transfer it to a second machine.  Remember that the destination machine must have a valid developer’s license.  Extract the zipfile, and then run Add-AppxDevPackage.bat as Administrator.  The app will then show up in the target machine’s Start Screen.

For more information, watch John Sheehan’s presentation Under the hood: installation and updates for Metro style apps from the September 2011 Build conference.

(Screenshots made with Snagit by TechSmith.)