April, 2014

  • Matt Harrington

    Try F# in your browser

    Here's a Dev Radio episode I did on TryFsharp.org , a simple way to test out F# in your browser without having to download anything. F# is an easy language to learn, but also remarkably powerful. You end up writing less code than with other languages...
  • Matt Harrington

    Troubleshooting Azure Web Sites

    If your app hosted on an Azure Web Site gives you an internal server error, here's what to do: Enable Diagnostic Logging Download the logs with a FTPS client such as FileZilla Open the logs in a web browser or text editor Fix the problem...
  • Matt Harrington

    How to host your Django apps on Azure for free

    Microsoft Azure is a feature-rich cloud computing platform. It’s designed to handle the largest projects you can imagine, with datacenters all over the world. You can develop on OSX, Linux, or Windows. You can run Linux and Windows virtual machines...
  • Matt Harrington

    How to disable OneDrive file syncing

    I love OneDrive and use it every day. It’s tied to my Microsoft Account, which I use to download Windows Store apps. Data from modern apps are synchronized across all of my PCs, so I can start a task on one PC and finish it on another. OneDrive...
  • Matt Harrington

    Five reasons schools should teach Corona SDK

    Corona SDK is a framework primarily used for making games, and it's quite popular among young people just learning how to code. It's perfect for after-school clubs, or perhaps a formal class in preparation for high school AP Computer Science. I think...
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