October, 2007

  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    Self Documenting Code

    I have come across many developers who believe that comments are not necessary to make code readable. They argue that code should document itself. By this they mean that the code you write should be clear and have good enough naming conventions such that...
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    Floating Point, Why are you so buoyant?

    Floating point precision can often be confusing to people. The following code block should illustrate some important things to keep in mind about floating point numbers. In this block I am attempting to get the value 64,000,000 in two different ways....
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    Windows Media Player Problem AND Solution

    I am the proud owner of a iriver clix portable media player. I have had it for about a year now and I have had no complaints. It works beautifully. When I first got it I had some concerns about using Windows Media Player. The clix is made to work best...
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