February, 2008

  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    FastSharp - Write it, Execute it

    UPDATE: New version on FastSharp that includes a Windows 7 Gadget! Learn more here. Last year I wrote this program which I named FastSharp. It is a text editor which lets you compile and run C# code that would normally exist inside a method. The...
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    Visualizing LINQ

    I ran across an awesome code sample written by Jon Skeet . He realized that many people may have difficulty understanding how the lazy evaluation in LINQ (and programming with iterator combinators in general) works. His program/code sample is able make...
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    I was on DotNetRocks!!!

    A couple week ago I had an interview with the DotNetRocks folks.  In this interview I discussed the MSDN Code Gallery and I also discuss ed my time as an intern at Microsoft.  It was really fun recording this and my interviewers Carl and Richard...
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