September, 2008

  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    SQL CE 3.5 with LINQ to SQL Revisited

    A few days ago I made a post about using SQL CE 3.5 with LINQ to SQL . I described a way to use connection pooling with SQL CE. A gracious blog reader (Mike Brown) pointed out a way I could make my solution much simpler by using the [ ThreadStatic ] attribute...
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    The Snippet Designer is Released!!!!

    Some History The Snippet Designer was started as an intern project of mine during the Summer of 2006. The idea was to make snippet files (which were introduced to Visual Studio in 2005) a first class entity. Following this idea I created a Visual Studio...
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    SQL CE 3.5 with LINQ to SQL

    Using LINQ to SQL with SQL CE 3.5 can be a bit of a challenge. First off, the LINQ to SQL Visual Studio designer doesn't support SQL CE so you need to run sqlmetal from the command line to create the object model (or write it by hand). Once you get past...
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