August, 2010

  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    Making an executable take pipelined input in PowerShell

    It annoys me when I am working with PowerShell try to pipe the results of a cmdlet into a exe which doesn’t understand pipelined data.  To solve this problem I began aliasing some of the common programs I would like … Continue reading →
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    FastSharp 2.0

    I just released a new version of my FastSharp program. Download it   or  View the source code This release contains some notable enhancements: Support for multiple languages C# Visual Basic F# Persistence of your current code language and snippet...
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    A StructureMap Gotcha

    I started converting one of the projects I work on to use the StructureMap DI/IOC framework. The previous framework I used was a super simple one that was built in house. When switching to StructureMap the plethora of options was a concern at first but...
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