May, 2011

  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    DiffPlex 1.2 Released

    I released version 1.2 of the DiffPlex library on both CodePlex and Nuget. This new version contains a few notable changes. A new class called InlineDiffBuilder which makes it easier to build inline diffs (the same way the existing SidebySideDiffBuilder...
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    Refactor now, not later

    Imagine this situation (one I’ve been in too many times): you have been working on a piece of code and have created a complicated/intricate function. You look over your work and realize it is an ugly mess; the function is … Continue reading →
  • Matthew Manela's Blog

    Regex Hero: Free online regular expression tester

    A regex tester is one of those tools developers often need. I used many different ones over the years and  have never settled on one that I really like.  I have seen some paid ones that looked promising but I … Continue reading →
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