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  • Blog Post: Converting between RTF to HTML and HTML to RTF

    A while back I posted Converting RTF to HTML which showed how to convert RTF text into HTML markup using the WPF RichTextBox control.  Since then I have noticed many posts on forums asking for a free and easy way … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: Converting RTF to HTML

    Have you ever had the desire to convert some RTF text into HTML? Probably not. But if you do, then you are in luck! I recently had the need to do this conversion and after some searching found out a way to do it by enhancing a sample distributed in the MSDN library. The sample is called: XAML to HTML...
  • Blog Post: CollectionView.DeferRefresh() : My new best friend

    Well, maybe not best friend but its a nice function.  When working with bound collections in WPF you often end up dealing with a CollectionView .  This is the MSDN documentation description of a CollectionView : You can think of a collection view as a layer on top of a binding source collection...
  • Blog Post: The two most important WPF Tools

    I have been working a lot with WPF and I found the following two FREE tools to be extremely helpful. The first is: XamlPadX - ( ) This is an enhanced version of XamlPad which comes with the .NET SDK. This is a light weight tool...
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