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  • Blog Post: A lesson (or two) in Complexity

    I’m a master of complexity and this week’s been no exception! Here’s a brief account of my week … Monday & Tuesday To start off I held the first proper meeting of my new focus group, the Microsoft Partner Architect Advisory Council (MPAAC), which is comprised of 18 senior architects from our...
  • Blog Post: Four reasons to go Green!

    So by now we all pretty much know that we need to take significant action on climate change but the question is how do you get others to act? Here's my paper that spells out the four arguments to use in arguing for change within your organisation: The Environment The Customer The Government...
  • Blog Post: Sustainability from Datacentre to cloud

    Here's a copy of the deck I presented at the Architect Forum in Bradford yesterday. Great event with lots of great discussions especially about green IT.
  • Blog Post: "Gen 4" Modular Datacentres

    <Update due to Font problems on original posting> We've been talking about container DCs for a while now but this announcement today formalises this into a pretty compelling vision of how DCs might look in the future ... "The concept behind the modular data center builds on the learnings...
  • Blog Post: Hyper-Green virtualisation tool

    Hyper-Green is a fun tool that allows you to measure the cost and environmental savings through virtualisation. It also provides a neat benefits report that lists energy costs per US state ... shame it doesn't do the same for other countries ... yet
  • Blog Post: Social networks and saving the planet

    I got the following link to Obama's campaign from a friend over the weekend and while I am not sure how true this example really is it made me think about the web is driving behavioural change in relation to the environment. Everywhere I look environmental issues are taking centre stage across...
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