So... My life has finally settled down a bit, and I find myself working for The Man, here in Redmond WA.
This first post is really just to introduce myself a bit, and tell you where I think this blog will be going.
I've been in software development for 16 years.   Three months ago, I joined the Visual Studio group, and am working on the Team System team.  Prior to that, I was with Compuware's NuMega lab, where I worked on a variety of products, most notably, BoundsChecker for Windows.
The things I'll talk about include:
  • Interesting technical tidbits gleaned from my current work
  • War stories from my software development past
  • How I got to this stage of my life
  • Musical musings du jour
  • Random thoughts worthy of putting here
Probably the closest model for my blog is Raymond Chen's.  Even though he flamed one of my MSDN articles, I still admire the heck out of Raymond's ability to explain why various Windows oddities are the way they are.
Another prodigious blogger (and a good friend of mine) is Chris Sells.  It constantly amazes me how good his blog is, and how much bandwidth he has.
That's it for this first post.  More later!