It's sad, but lately a lot of the music I love is released overseas first. Thanks to the internet, I can easily bypass the stupid release schedules of the record labels.

Most recently, the Datsuns put out a new album (Outta Sight/Outta Mind) in the UK. It'll be several months before the disk hits the shelves on U.S. shores. With the help of, I ordered it and had it in my hands within 5 days. All told, it ended up costing me about $18. I could have waited three or four months till it was release here in the US, and saved maybe $5. Some times I'll pay a premium to get something worthwhile that much sooner.

If you love simple, straight ahead “Hard Rock The Way God Intended It”, you need to check the Datsuns out.  You may have heard the single from their first album (“In Love“) on the radio about a year ago.

The band they're closest to is Jet. Sure, I liked Jet's “Get Born“, but Jet is a toned-down version of The Datsuns.  The Datsuns have two guitars, and aren't afraid to use them.  It's open chord, high energy rock'n'roll, ala AC/DC.  There's even actual guitar solos, although the lead guitarist is more akin to Jimmy Page than Angus Young.  I saw them in concert when I lived in Boston, and I spent the next week in awe of how great a show they put on.