It's been awhile since I wrote for MSDN magazine. Now that I work for Microsoft, the whole financial situation changes.  The short story is that I don't get paid for any articles or columns I might write for them.  I'm not crying about this too much, as my personal life keeps me busy enough, and I'm inclined to spend my weekends hunkered over a keyboard.  If I lean something cool, I'll use this blog to present it.

Still, MSDN has been good to me, and I'll continue to help them out.  I recently got a request to write the back page for the December issue.  The topic can be pretty much anything I like.  However, the suggestion I got was “...branch into something controversial about software development that is really important to you.”

There's many things in software that are important to me, but I'd like to hear from you folks.  Got any suggested topics that you'd like me to rant on?