One of the best experiences of my programming career was during the golden years of NuMega.  Roughly defined as when I started in 1993, up to the acquisition of NuMega by Compuware, roughly five years later.  During those years, we put out some terrific products, most notably BoundsChecker and SoftIce/W.


I worked with amazing crew of people, and luckily I’ve managed to keep in touch with a lot of them.  Since the heart of that time was a decade ago, I figured it would be worthwhile to put down where they are now.


The risk in doing a list like this is that you’ll omit somebody.  There’s no slight involved on my part.  I may simply be having a “senior moment” or I’ve lost track of the person, so apologies in advance to anybody who I’ve left out.  No slight is intended.  Also, I’m limiting the list to just the people who were at NuMega fairly early.  I’m also still in touch with many of my friends who were at NuMega/Compuware in the later years.


  • Frank Grossman and Jim Moskun: Frank & Jim, the cofounders of NuMega are now running Mindreef, in Hollis, NH.  Mindreef’s first program is a SOAP debugging tool. Incidentally, I left Compuware for almost a year to work on the very first incarnation of Mindreef, which had a very different direction.


  • Dom Basile: The man behind SoftIce/W.  Still at Compuware, believe it or not.


  • Scott Gagnon: Sales. Now head of sales for Mindreef.


  • Becky Farland/Ayers: PR.  If you were at a NuMega trade show booth during the 1990’s, you probably saw Becky, who’s a dear friend of mine.  She’s now in Florida and works for Chen PR.


  • Paul Proulx: After retiring for awhile, he’s back at Mindreef, in a GM-type role.


  • Bob Newton: Tech support, later development on BoundsChecker and SoftIce/W. Still at Compuware.


  • Carol Tyler: QA & Dev Manager, now at Mindreef.


  • Jim Austin: BoundsChecker/TrueTime dev.  Now doing work for Wintellect.


  • Dave Seidel: BoundsChecker dev and Dev Manager, now at Mindreef.  (Are you noticing a pattern here?)


  • Bob O’Brien: PR. Bob’s still at Compuware, as the director of Corporate Communications.


  • Ed Sullivan: Dev manager, and ultimately overall lab manager.  He’s also written a bestselling development book, based on his experiences at NuMega.  Now a VP at EMC.


  • John Robbins: BoundsChecker & TrueTime dev, and dev manager. Now an acclaimed author and speaker, he cofounded Wintellect with Jeffrey Richter and Jeff Prosise. Wintellect is a top tier Windows training and consulting company.


  • Berni McCoy: BoundsChecker dev.  Now at Wintellect.  (Are you noticing yet another pattern?)


  • Dave Angel: BoundsChecker dev.  Was at Mindreef for awhile before retiring recently.


  • Daniel Grossman: Frank’s brother.  With Dave Seidel and I, cofounded the original Mindreef. Now a financial planner in Nashua.


  • Tom Guinther: SoftIce/W developer. Still in Nashua, working at various companies, and working on his own CLR implementation.


  • Jim Bail: Sales.  Now head of sales at Wintellect.


  • Mark Russinovich: SoftIce/W dev for a short while.  Afterwards, he went on to form the wildly popular with Bryce Cogswell.  He’s also a well respected author and programming instructor.


  • Jim Harris: BoundsChecker dev.  Now at Wintellect.  (Surprise, surprise…)