Not a bad weekend that just ended. The highlights:

Death Metal Parrot - Friday Night, Carrie and I went out to dinner with Pat Styles and his fiancée Lynn. While the drinks and food were great, the thing that stuck out the most was a 7" vinyl disk on Pat's turntable by a band I'd never heard of, Hatebeak.  Their web site puts it best:

Face-crushing guitars, head-pounding drums, bass so low you'll vacate your bowels, and vocals so scorching, so extreme they simply can't be human! They're not. This death metal outfit with a parrot for a singer makes trashes the pathetic birdfeeder you call the metal underground!

Although it's only available in vinyl, the cover and liner notes ares worth the $5 alone. Ordered!

Blues - Saturday night was the Buddy Guy / Robert Cray band down at the pier in Seattle. While I enjoy Robert Cray, I was mostly there for Buddy Guy. What a show he put on!  I thought Clapton's version of "Hoochie Coochie Man" on "From The Cradle" was unsurpassable till I heard Buddy cut loose. It doesn't happen often, but it brought tears to my eyes. On the title track from "Damn Right I've Got The Blues", Buddy walked out into the audience and played for awhile from the bleachers in back. Plus, Buddy has the best stage banter I've ever seen. He genuinely seemed thrilled to be doing his thing.

Ribs - On a lark, I bought 5 lbs of Baby Back Ribs at Costco, figuring that I'd figure out how to grill them. It turned out to be much simpler than I thought. Just boil them for an hour, cover with BBQ sauce and honey, then grill about 6 minutes per side. They came out pretty darn well in my opinion. I'm glad to finally have ribs in my BBQ repertoire, and will definitely be making them again.