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Mostly work... Indigo Transports, .NET Remoting and Serialization

May, 2004

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    Web Services in Whidbey - New TechEd Talk CTS201 has been added

    Interested in Web Services features in Whidbey? So am I! Yasser Shohoud, Software Legend, and I will be giving a talk at TechEd to introduce some our favorite new Web Services features to you at TechEd. The new talk (CTS201) is not even in the Session...
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    .NET Remoting at TechEd 2004

    Those of you scouring the list of talks at TechEd for in-depth .NET Remoting discussions will be disappointed. .NET Remoting will be touched on in the Connected Systems track (CTS300) by Richard Turner but that will be prescriptive guidance for the usage...
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    As a first blog entry, I figure introductions are in order. I am Matt Tavis, PM at Microsoft working on the .NET Framework 2.0 (Whidbey) and Indigo. My Whidbey features areas are .NET Remoting, runtime serialization and xml serialization.
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