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March, 2006

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    Multi-Process Synchronization with Named Events

    Windows exposes several types of synchronization primitives (Mutexes, Events, etc.), but in .NET 1.1 we were limited in our use of them. Sure, we had AutoResetEvent and ManualResetEvent, but the framework did not expose the "named" version of these. The 2.0 framework brings us nearly the full gamut!!...
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    Real World GridView: Excel-like Frozen Headers for ASP.NET 2.0

    Many of us are familiar with frozen cells in Excel, but it is typically quite difficult to implement something like that HTML. In this “Real World GridViews”, we investigate adding this functionality to GridView to make frozen headers easy to reuse across pages. Though I am only going to go over freezing headers here, once you get the idea, it is a short step to freeze columns (right or left) and footers. ...
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    Finally ... Part 2 of Real World GridViews

    GridView is a great control, and out of the box it does a lot of wonderful stuff, but I haven't worked on a project yet where it did everything I needed. "Real World GridView" is an attempt to share some of the common customizations I end up doing to GridView on a regular basis....
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