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November, 2006

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    A couple of tools from Nikhil

    At my TechEd whiteboard discussion, we talked about a couple of useful things for AJAX development. One is the WebDevHelper that a software architect, Nikhil Kothari, from the team provides. It is an add-in for Internet Explorer that will monitor the...
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    Using PageMethods to access Session data

    Here is one of the samples I was asked for at TechEd last week. How to access session state data from the browser. There are two C# methods in the page. One overrides the the OnLoad method and stores a value in session state for demonstration purposes...
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    TechEd 2006 Barcelona slides and code

    As promised, the slides and code from my TechEd presentation are available here . I got some great feedback from people that have been using the ASP.NET AJAX beta as well as from those who have started looking at the Integrated Pipeline features of IIS7...
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    ASP.NET AJAX beta 2 is released

    Well, just a few short weeks and some very late nights after the first beta was released, we have released beta 2 of ASP.NET AJAX. There are three different pieces you can download: 1) ASP.NET AJAX Extensions beta 2 is available here . This is the...
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    Starting a Blog

    While I have been preparing for my TechEd Europe presentation next week, I have been asked several times for the blog address where I will post my slides. Starting a blog has been on my list of things to do for some time, so I guess this is the forcing...
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