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  • Blog Post: Update for the iPhone Update

    After installing the iPhone 1.01 software update, iPhone users may notice that what used to be an asynchronous request from the browser is now a syncrhonous request. They may notice other symptoms of an underlying problems as well. The update changes the way regular expressions are processed by the Safari...
  • Blog Post: An excerpt from the Professional ASP.NET AJAX book

    Jim Minatel from Wrox has arranged for an excerpt from the book to be made available online. It's a section titled Enabling Intenret Explorer for Debuggng ASP.NET authored by Dan Wahlin. You can check it out at:
  • Blog Post: Wrox releases Professional ASP.NET AJAX title

    Well, I've been asked three times now why I haven't blogged about my book, so here it is. I worked with Dan Wahlin and Wrox to create a book about ASP.NET AJAX. The book covers the UpdatePanel, ScriptManager and other server controls, discusses how the Microsoft AJAX Library works and how you can more...
  • Blog Post: Validators update available

    The release on Windows Update that contains updates to enable the validator controls to work with the UpdatePanel has been delayed. However, you can download a HotFix that contains the changes.
  • Blog Post: New episode of the .NET Show about ASP.NET AJAX

    I recently filmed an episode of the .NET Show with Brad Abrams ( ) and Bertrand Le Roy ( ). Brad asked for suggestions of words to work into the interview before we did it (
  • Blog Post: PodCast about ASP.NET AJAX

    I got the chance to do a Podcast with Wally McClure. You can get to it here .
  • Blog Post: ASP.NET AJAX Validators

    ASP.NET AJAX provides new APIs for registering script with the ScriptManager. Using these APIs allows controls to work well with partial rendering. Without them, controls placed inside an UpdatePanel won't work as expected. In previous CTP releases of ASP.NET AJAX, we had a set of validator controls...
  • Blog Post: ASP.NET AJAX Release Candidate

    The ASP.NET AJAX Release Candidate is available here . A major change between beta2 and the RC is the switch from the Microsoft.Web.* namespace to the System.Web.* namespace. It's a straightforward update to exisiting code and should simplify things going forward into the next release of the .NET Framework...
  • Blog Post: Using PageMethods to access Session data

    Here is one of the samples I was asked for at TechEd last week. How to access session state data from the browser. There are two C# methods in the page. One overrides the the OnLoad method and stores a value in session state for demonstration purposes. The other is a static method decorated with the...
  • Blog Post: ASP.NET AJAX beta 2 is released

    Well, just a few short weeks and some very late nights after the first beta was released, we have released beta 2 of ASP.NET AJAX. There are three different pieces you can download: 1) ASP.NET AJAX Extensions beta 2 is available here . This is the core part of the ASP.NET AJAX offering and required...
  • Blog Post: Starting a Blog

    While I have been preparing for my TechEd Europe presentation next week, I have been asked several times for the blog address where I will post my slides. Starting a blog has been on my list of things to do for some time, so I guess this is the forcing function. I am a Development Manager on the UI Framework...
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