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    Bad Perl: Russian Peasant multiplication algorithm


    I found this programming contest interesting: here's what I've got.

    perl -e "($a,$b)=@ARGV;map{$c+=$_*$b}grep{$a&$_}map{1<<$_}(0..log($a)/log 2);print$c" 7 19

    I'm calling this a one-liner because the part between the quotes is less than 80 characters (75, to be exact.)  The full command line goes over :-(

    Requires the inputs to be positive whole numbers.

    Perfect example of Bad Perl.  Exercise: rewrite in Good Perl.

    EDIT: got the whole thing down to 80 characters (with single-digit multiplicands.)

    perl -e "($a,$b)=@ARGV;map{$c+=$b<<$_ if$a>>$_&1}(0..log($a)/log 2);print$c" 8 7

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    Bad Perl: Josephus problem


    Another programming contest asks to solve the Josephus problem.

    Bad Perl solution (83 characters... so close...)

    >perl -e"@_=(1..$ARGV[0]);++$c%$ARGV[1]?$i++:splice@_,$i%=@_,1while$#_;print@_" 40 3

    EDIT: got it down to 80.

    >perl -e"@_=(1..shift);++$c%$ARGV[0]?$i++:splice@_,$i%=@_,1while$#_;print@_" 40 3

    EDIT2: 78 dropping the parentheses.

    >perl -e"@_=1..shift;++$c%$ARGV[0]?$i++:splice@_,$i%=@_,1while$#_;print@_" 40 3

    EDIT3: 66, shamelessly cannibalizing others' ideas from the contest (though I refuse to use "say")

    >perl -e"$k=pop;@_=1..pop;@_=grep{++$i%$k}@_ while$#_;print@_" 40 3

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