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    Windows Sound test team rowing morale event


    Last Friday the Windows Sound test team went kayaking.  We went to the Agua Verde paddle club and kayaked around Union Bay for a while.

    Here's the route we took:


    More detail:


  • Matthew van Eerde's web log

    Programmatically rearranging displays


    Most of my test machines and my laptop have a single display; but I have two dev machines which are each connected to two displays.

    When I clean install Windows, I sometimes need to rearrange the displays:

    Since I clean install Windows frequently, I wrote myself a little C++ app which does this programmatically using EnumDisplayDevices / EnumDisplaySettings / ChangeDisplaySettingsEx.

    Source and binaries attached.


    for (each device returned by EnumDisplayDevices) {

       grab the position and the height/width using EnumDisplaySettings


    calculate the desired position of the secondary monitor

    Set it using ChangeDisplaySettingsEx with DM_POSITION


    Call as:

    Moved secondary monitor to (1920, 0)

    EDIT: Oops: 0 should be CDS_GLOBAL | CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY, to make the settings apply to all users, and to persist across display resets / reboots

    LONG status = ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(
        nullptr, // reserved
        nullptr // no video parameter

    EDIT September 22 2015: moved source to github

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