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  • Blog Post: Join online for SharePoint training in EMEA on January 23rd

    On January 23rd there will be a whole day of free SharePoint online training in the EMEA timezone. Read more and register on .
  • Blog Post: Lär dig mer om Office 2010 med Office 2010 Beta Developer Training

    Nu kan du lära dig mer om hur du utvecklar applikationer baserat på Office 2010 genom att gå till och kolla Office 2010 Beta Developer Training. Det är ett stort antal web casts som visar hur olika funktioner i Office 2010 samt hur Office 2010 integrerar...
  • Blog Post: Ytterligare lite SharePoint Server 2010 Sneak Peak

    Arphan Shan (Director i SharePoint-teamet) har lagt upp ytterligare en Sneak Peak på funktionerna i SharePoint Server 2010. Det är en inspelning av hans presentation på WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) förra månaden. Hela titeln är Building Solutions on SharePoint: The Value Delivered Today, and a...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Designer är nu GRATIS!

    Vi har meddelat att SharePoint Designer från och med nu övergår till att bli en produkt som får laddas ner och användas utan kostnad, den är alltså GRATIS från och med idag! Du kan ladda ner den via produktsidan för Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer . SharePoint Designer används för att på ett...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Recite – Ljudinspelning med röstsökning!

    Använder du ljudinspelningsfunktionen i din Windows-telefon? Har du svårt att hitta bland dina inspelningar? Då är (kanske) svaret Microsoft Recite ! Microsoft Recite är en add-on applikation till Windows Mobile 6 som låter dig spela in meddelanden och sedan söka på dem med hjälp av röstigenkänning...
  • Blog Post: Files, folder and disks on the web: Live Mesh, SkyDrive or Groove?

    I admit it, I'm not at the front of the technology curve. Why? I just recently learned about Live Mesh and I got really impressed (have I been hiding under a rock?, no I've been on paternal leave for six months :-). When SkyDrive (part of the Live offering) was launched I tried it with a few files but...
  • Blog Post: AutoCollage: Automatically arrage photos in a collage

    Microsoft Research has released a tool that analyze all the pictures in a folder, picks the "most interesting" ones and makes a blended collage. You can download a trial version at that runs for 30 days, then you have to buy a license from the online...
  • Blog Post: News about BizTalk Server 2009 and alignment with Oslo

    The roadmap for BizTalk Server has been updated with details about BizTalk Server 2009 (previously known as BizTalk Server 2006 R3). Some highlight are: Support for the latest and greatest development platform; Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 SP1, SQL Server 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint SP1 Planning och Deploying Guidelines

    A whitepaper which gives all the details how you should plan and deploy Service Pack 1 for SharePoint has just been released. Download and read the document at Planning and Deploying Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a Multi-server Environment.
  • Blog Post: Download Links for Office System SP1 and SharePoint SDK Refresh

    Here you'll find direct links to downloads and KBs explaining the WSS and SharePoint Server 2007 SP1, the WSS and SharePoint Server SDK Refresh and also the Office Client Suite 2007 SP1. Enjoy! WSS and SharePoint Server SP1 WSS 3.0 SP1 MOSS/SharePoint 2007 SP1 KB936984: Description of...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft and Phase One Form Strategic Alliance to Improve Digital Photography Solutions

    Today it was announced that Microsoft and danish company Phase One will work together to improve the experience of Windows users. Phase One is known both for their superb digital backs for medium format camera (up to 39 MP sensors) as well as their very popular RAW converter program Capture One (C1)...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2003 SP2 Released

    Have you noticed that Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 was made available yesterday?! I was told to look at this link which shows new downloads, and there they are with release date 3/12/2007. At the time of this writing the x86 version has a popularity rating of #13528, which I assume is going to...
  • Blog Post: MS announces HD Photo

    Microsoft has announced HD Photo , formerly known as Windows Media Photo. Bill Crow has much more information about this and you can also read a news article . HD Photo seems to be aimed at competing with JPEG as a format for the future. The best feature (when compared to JPEG) seems to be higher compression...
  • Blog Post: RTM Versions of MOSS SDK and WSS SDK

    Randall Isenhour has announced that the RTM versions of the MOSS SDK and WSS SDK are available, you can read more here . Here are the links to download MOSS SDK and WSS SDK from MSDN.
  • Blog Post: SysInternals@TechNet

    As I noted in a previous post SysInternals is now part of Microsoft, and the tools have finally been made available at TechNet. You can download them at . My favorite tool is DebugView , I use it all the time and so should you!
  • Blog Post: BizTalk Server 2004 SP2

    Service Pack 2 for BizTalk Server 2004 has just been released! Read about List of bugs that are fixed in BizTalk Server 2004 Service Pack 2 and download Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Service Pack 2 . Download, test, deploy and enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Writer Beta Announced (incl. Mini-Review)

    Finally the public Beta of Windows Live Writer has been announced, this tools has been available in pre-Beta builds for a few weeks internally to I'm going to give a few impressions from my personal usage. You can download Windows Live Writer at
  • Blog Post: Microsoft has acquired SysInternals

    I just found out that MS has acquired SysInternals and WinInternals, it was announced on July 18th. SysInternals has for years been an independent site providing great tools, with focus on system level monitoring and diagnostics. My favorites tool is DebugView which I always use to view by debug traces...
  • Blog Post: New BizTalk content on MSDN and GotDotNet

    The CSD Customer Experience Team's Blog has annonced the following new downloads: BTS 2006: Transactional Adapter Whitepaper Published BizTalk Server 2006: New Scripts/Utilities Posted They have also launched a New BPM Site .
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