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MDDE appears on Codeplex

MDDE appears on Codeplex

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The SQL Server Metadata-Driven ETL Studio (MDDE) was an internal MSIT project first shown at the MS BI Conference last year. The initial release is now up on Codeplex. There isn't much information up about it yet, but I'm told that docs and examples should be appearing soon.

Essentially what MDDE gives you is a way to create SSIS package templates, which can be easily updated when your metadata changes. I'm currently playing around the code, and will hopefully have a walk-through up in the next little while.

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  • Thank you!!!

    I had heard back in January that this was on its way, but being able to finally get our hands dirty is amazing. And now I have the perfect excuse to put of doing my taxes for another weekend.

  • Yes, I'm having fun playing with it as well... although unless you like walking through the debugger everytime something doesn't work as expected, I'd recommend waiting until there is some documentation/samples available. :)

    I'm working on putting something together right now (as well as porting it to Katmai)

  • What a week! Hot on the heels of MDDE appearing on Codeplex, another internal MS solution for generating

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